Safety Face Shield Reusable Plastic Face Shield Full Face


The plastic face shields are made of super transparent recyclable PET, lightweight, clear vision, fast and easy to wear.

This reusable face shields a large area from the eyebrows to the chin to protect against foreign aggression on your face. Double-sided Anti-fog and Anti-static Process, Full Facial Protection from droplets, saliva, splash, oil, and dust.

The plastic face shield has a foam strip, and the elastic band can be easily adjusted to suit habits, and it is firmly fixed and comfortable to wear, adjustable size for adult men and women. Clear visor for maximum visibility.


Full Protection: Safety cover for both men and women. Anti-saliva to protect the face, eyes and nose. It is versatile, lightweight and comfortable.


Suitable for various head types: Comfortable to wear, no stress, no inconvenience when bending down or bowing your head.

100 PCS Safety Face Shield Reusable Plastic Face Shield Full Face

מק"ט: SKU509
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Quanlity: 100
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