KN95 Protective Disposable Respirator for Personal Care



Place of Origin: Guangdong, China


Dongguan XiandaMedical EquipmentCo., Ltd




Function: Personal Care Protective;Personal Care/ Clinic/ Hospital


Type: KN95


Material: Nonwoven/Melt Brown Cloth/Electrostatic Filter Cotton


Standard: BFE>95% ;GB2626-2006


Color: white


Packing: Single independent bag


Minimum Order Quantity:5000pcs


Quantity:2 pieces in 1 pack


Certifications: CE/ FDA Certificate


Expiration date: 2 years  


All the products we provide have undergone on-site inspection and have completed international Assessments by NPPTL CDC. Before purchasing, please contact customer service to make sure there is still inventory or the manufacturer's pre-order time.



KN95 Protective Disposable Respirator ( $1.85/PC) 5000PCS

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